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Featured Crystal – Gem Kyanite, Central Australia

Ocean-Kyanite-with-sceneryMy “love affair” with Kyanite first began almost 15 years ago when I was visiting the Harts Ranges in central Australia with a gem club. We’d stopped at Epidote location and I’d gone for a wander (as I often tend to do!) and happened to find a handful of vibrant teal-blue Kyanite crystals scattered around the base of a tree. The colour of these crystals was so intense, like nothing I’d ever seen in Kyanite before (later to be named “ocean kyanite”). I could tell straight away that they had been dropped there but they had to come from somewhere around there right? Read the full story in the blog


Crystal Art

The recent “Crystal Creatures” art/photography adventure brings together my childhood passion for art and life-long journey with the mineral kingdom. These artworks feature photography gleaned from various sources including crystals I have picked up on my travels, blended together digitally in black and white and then in some cases re-tinted with colours.


Blog articles – Queensland Amethyst

Although Amethyst can be found in several places in Queensland, some of the finer quality crystals come from near Mt.Isa in the northwest of the state. This mineral rich region is a popular fossicking destination which boasts a wide range of minerals to be found. On a trip passing through this region some years ago, I was fortunate to visit a popular Amethyst collecting location, known for it’s well-formed Amethyst crystals. Check out the blog article for the full story