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Although not my place of birth, Australia is my home.
I have a strong sense that I “belong” here.
I’m in love with its landscapes, open spaces, quirky characters, even it’s tenuous, exuberant and complex sense of culture; ancient roots with a myriad of colourful leaves unfurling outwards. What does it mean to be Australian? I’m sure the answer to that would be beautifully varied if you ask anyone who calls this country home.

This cultural search for identity is perhaps also reflected in my own personal journey.
I’ve spent most of my life being a little perplexed at the different paths I’ve walked; art, music, crystals, canoe building (yeah, once!) and so much more. I’ve always considered them separate to each other but over the past year or so those paths seem to be aligning and now meeting up under the creative canopy of my latest venture: Folk-stone.

The word “folk” has a special connection to me because I was in fact born in Norway, where it translates to “people” and that’s really ultimately what my vision is all about: You and me. The “stone” part is probably fairly obvious right?
But more about that in a moment.


AfterlightImage 6

Those early childhood years in Norway were filled with colour. I was fascinated by it!
I would draw, paint, even ask my mum to bring home paint charts (she worked in interior design), just so that I could play and arrange the colours. I’d say to this day, colour and particularly combinations of colour, fill me with inspiration….and this I’m sure plays a big part in my attraction to crystals.

At the age of 4, my parents had separated and my mum and I migrated to Australia, where my mother’s search for a more alternative lifestyle found new beginnings in the Adelaide Hills, a land with a new language, dry grass and gnarled Eucalypts. After a short stint on a hippie commune, corduroy flares (not her, me!) she enrolled me in the local Steiner School….something for which I’ll be eternally grateful. It was those years that followed where my interest in art and nature was really nurtured. I remember our high-school geology teacher bringing a large quartz crystal one day saying it was found locally by one of the parents and I was instantly hooked. I did a little asking around about where exactly it was found and so began many teenage years of exploring the Mt. Lofty ranges.

But you cant have rock without some roll. Being a teenager probably wouldn’t be complete without picking up a musical instrument at some point right? I had a few brief years with my Dad when he also moved to Australia (but that’s another story) and I found a guitar stashed under the bed one day. I’m left handed but the guitar was right handed…..awkwaaaaard!
But I was determined to learn…slowly at first, then it came quicker.
I connected with the guitar strongly enough to move away from South Australia (I was so ready) and do a music degree at university in northern NSW.  No more dry yellow grass, this was a lush green landscape of wide rivers and screeching bats at dusk….and only a few hours drive away was one of the richest gemstone areas in Australia where many of the crystals you’ll see on this site have been found. Naturally my adventures continued to expand, eventually connecting me with the remote Northern Territory outback.

Quartz Harts Range Australia
IMG_9740 2

In the years since then, I have remained in this corner of Australia, jumping the border to Brisbane and choosing crystals over music as a career. It feels like the right choice….99% of the time!
This 15 year involvement in the world of crystals has taken me on many journeys and taught me so much. Most of all I feel very grateful to have met such inspiring people, which brings me back to what folk-stone is really about, a celebration of nature and human creativity!
So much of the art around us, the spaces we create in our homes draws inspiration from the natural world, perhaps it connects us back to that same sense of belonging, our ancient origins. We live in a busy “electrical” world, but we come from nature. It feels good to touch base with that sometimes.

Crystals are just one of the many precious gifts the earth has to offer us, millions of years in the making, their amazing colours lying in darkness waiting for human hands to hold them. I can sense a real shift happening in the way we appreciate these natural wonders.
For many people they can be helpful healing tools to work with but there’s an authenticity to their beauty and origins that we can also connect with. Each piece has its own unique story, I can feel that every time I find one.
Put down the crystal book for a moment and trust your intuition….nature knows you.

Wanna start a crystal revolution with me?